Weight Watchers and My Experience

If I have only been born with no tendency to gain weight; it would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, many of us are blessed with the ability to gain weight and more. Our complacent ways and fast food habits can lead to the demise of the best of intentions. Thank goodness for Weight Watchers and their new PointsPlus program. It has been reconfigured to give everyone an equal chance at weight loss...not only the men. In the past, men had the advantage in the weight loss department. A husband and wife would join together; eat the same thing and at the scale she would lose a pound or two and he would post figures that would make your head spin.
It requires purchasing at least one tool; their new food calculator. This new program is not like any they have had in the past and I have found my new love in this great program. If you have a weight problem, or just need to lose a few pounds, it is so worth it to join Weight Watchers today!